Knot Guides


Whether your trying to join two different types of line, unequal size, tying a leader, creating a loop, or attaching a hook or lure, we plan on having the best knot guide for you.

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Assortment of Various Knots

Attach a Hook, Lure, or Fly

Most Popular Knots
Braided Line Knots
  • Palomar Knot
  • San Diego Jam Knot
  • NanoFil Knot
  • Berkley Braid Knot
Contest Winners
  • Orvis Knot
  • World's Fair Knot
  • Fish-N-Fool
Double Line Knots
  • Palomar Knot
  • Eye Crosser
  • San Diego Jam Knot
  • Berkley Braid Knot
  • NanoFil Knot
Eggs & Roe
  • Egg Loop
Snell a Hook
  • Traditional Snell
  • Easy Snell
  • Uni Snell

Join Two Lines Together

Tie a Leader
  • Surgeon's Knot
  • Uni Knot
  • Blood Knot
  • J Knot
  • Albright Special
  • Bristol Knot
  • Nail Knot
  • FG Knot
Similiar Diameter & Material
Unequal Size

Create a Loop in a Line

At the End
  • Surgeon's End Loop
  • Perfection Loop
  • Bimini Twist
  • Spider Hitch
  • King Sling
  • Australian Plait
In the Middle
  • Dropper Loop
Tie a lure
  • Rapala Knot
  • Kreh Loop
  • Non Slip Mono Loop Knot
  • Homer Rhode Loop Knot


Attach line to a reel
  • Arbor Knot
  • Centauri Knot
Set depth for a Sliding Float
  • Bobber Stopper Knot